Doctor's Appointment Booking App Features and Cost.

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Doctor's Appointment Booking App Features and Cost.

Doctor Appointment Booking App Cost And it’s Features -

IT Revolution has left not a single business niche untouched. From small to incredibly massive, the different implementation of information technology has brought to human life has made things super convenient for the user, marketers and businesses.

Healthcare industry too has benefitted multifold with the technology revolution. One such remarkable feat is the convenience of booking appointments.

Did this made you laughed and left surprising!

For ‘Basic Literates’ booking appointment is something related to getting your next vacation’s hotel reservations and air tickets done.

Simple isn’t!

Not to blame anyone but even Doctors are unaware that the traditional approach to get their consultation can be changed and both patients and doctors can be the beneficiaries of the incredible technological change.

Putting it simply,

An on-demand appointment booking app.  

Benefits of Online Doctor Appointment booking App over Offline Booking - 

The Online Doctor Appointment Booking App Provide Benefits to Both Users and Doctors, the main Benefits of Online appointment booking app are it helps Users to Get online consulting From Doctor but in Offline booking User Have to wait in Long Queue to Get Consulting, And Online Doctor Appointment Booking System Saves User Time and money. But Offline Booking System Is Time Consuming. Doctors can manage patients Medical History and All appointments with Ease. But In offline Booking System Patient and Doctors Have to Manage All Important Documents and Prescriptions. Online Doctor Appointment Booking System Helps Doctor to Optimize and Manage Appointment Calendar. But in Offline Booking System Doctors and Their Management Have to Manually Optimize Appointment Calendar, It Very Time-consuming Process. 

Doctor's Appointment Booking App Features and Cost.

Advantages of Online Doctor Appointment Booking App

1.) Online prescription -

        User can have an online prescription by a doctor via SMS Or Mail.

2.) Online consulting - 

         Patients can consult from Doctors via App.

3.) Time Saving - 

          Patient and the user doesn’t have to visit the doctor's clinic.

4.) Online payment - 

         User can make online payments via multiple options available.

Online Doctor’s appointment app Features. - 

 Patient Panel -

1) Fully Secured System.
2) No Loss of Medical Records.
3) Book an Appointment- Anytime, Anywhere.
4) Get Reminders and Alerts.
5) Save Time and Money.
6) Say Goodbye to Long Queues and Waiting Time.
7) Ask your doubts Freely.
8) Choose from Specialists, Surgeons, and Consultants.
9) Find Nearest Available Doctor.
10) Prescribed Medicines Available at Registered Medical Shop.
11) Reschedule your Appointments. 

 Doctor Panel - 

1) Manage Appointments with Ease.
2) View Patient’s Medical History Online.
3) Completely Secured and Safe System.
4) Solve Patient’s Queries on The Go.
5) Share Consultation & Tips Through Blogs.
6) Accept/Decline Appointments.
7) Alerts and Reminders.
8) Reschedule Appointments. 

 Admin Panel  - 

1) Manage Profiles (Doctor’s, Patient’s and Medical Shop Owners’ Profile).
2) Generate Reports.
3) Manage website content with In-Built CMS.
4) Create and Manage New Category.
5) Create and Manage Medical Specialty.
6) Manage Patients Under TPA Benefits.
7) Maintain Blood Donors & Ambulance Data.
8) All Important data under 1 -roof.
9) No multiple software required to manage data.
10) Easy to Use.
11) 100% Data Security.
12) Define SMTP Settings.
13) Define SMS Settings for Sending Alerts.
14) Style website with Custom Themes.
15) Manage Referral Points for Doctors.
16) Assign Blog Publishing Rights to Doctors.

Medical Panel - 

1) View Patient’s Prescription.
2) Send Delivery Details Before Order.
3) Send Order on Confirmation.
4) Collect Payment Through Cash-on-Delivery Mode.
5) Additional Channel for Monthly Earning.

Cost to develop Doctor Appointment Booking App - 

The Cost of Online Appointment Booking App depends on the features and type of Functionality.

Market Cost of Simple Appointment booking App - $5,000

But We Are Offering

In just $2,999 including all the Features Discussed Above.

So, Hurry Up.

Book Your Online Appointment Booking App Today.

online appointment scheduling app Development Process -

You need to have the Android App and iOS designed. Ideally, the online appointment booking app for doctors contain the following panels.

Doctor Panel
Patient Panel

Medical Panel

Admin Panel
Android AppYes YesNo No
iOS AppYes YesNoNo
Web ApplicationNo NoYes Yes
Planning to automate the appointment booking system for your medical practice.
Contact our Sales Team for More Details –

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