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K-Exam is the perfect solutions to create and deliver online exams and tests. Easily Create Exam Quiz , secure tests and assessments for students or employees.

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Multi theme support
  • » Now this system supports multiple themes
  • » In future, other themes can be added without touching the existing themes
  • » Admin can change the theme on single click as per his preference
Newsletter Subscriptions
  • » Newsletter subscription subscription
  • » Admin can view and download the subscribed users
Dynamic Multi lingual system
  • » For any language, no headache for updating the language strings
  • » Just create the language and traverse the site once
K Exam

Front end CMS pages
  • » Beautiful landing page added
  • » Beautiful landing page added
  • » Exams page
  • » Learning management with categories and contents
  • » Pricing page
  • » Courses
  • » Pattern
  • » Syllabus
  • » About us
  • » Contact us
K Exam

Question Bank
  • » All questions are maintained under this module
  • » Later these questions can be added to any no. of exams as per requirement
  • » Support multiple type of questions like Single Answer, Multi Answer, Match the following, Fill in the blanks, Paragraph, Audio, Video.
  • » Option to set a benchmark for answer time for each question so that the performance of the student can be evaluated
  • » Difficulty levels for question
  • » Hint for each question during exam
  • » Explanation for each question after exam
  • » Dynamic support for no. of options for each question
  • » Support for image type of questions and answers
  • » Excel upload for bulk questions (supports 3000+ questions at a time)
  • » Detailed report will be Downloaded after excel questions upload
  • » Each question is specific to particular subject and topic for obtaining the strengths and weakness of the student for that subject
K Exam

Exam Module

Exams Module
  • » Paid and free exams
  • » Paid exams will have the cost and validity period
  • » Set the visibility period for exam to show for user
  • » Marks and Negative marks support for each quiz
  • » While updating the questions to quiz, handy filters are given to pick your question from large set of Question Bank Module
  • » User friendly interface to update or delete the questions
  • » Total marks of a quiz is based on the questions added to it
  • » Supports 900+ questions per exam
K Exam
Exams Series
  • » You can club set of different quizzes together and give a name to it
  • » Paid and free exam series
  • » For paid series you can set the cost and validity
  • » The series may contain the paid or free quizzes
  • » In free series, if any paid quizzes available, the user need to buy that specific quiz from quiz module
  • » User friendly interface to add/update quizzes in exam series module
  • » Dynamically the no. of quizzes and no. of questions will be updated to specific series after creating it
K Exam
Learning Management System (LMS)
  • » With this you can create video classes series
  • » Distribute study materials for download
  • » LMS may be free or paid
  • » Multiple content supported like audio, video, iframe etc.
  • » Each content is associated to specific subject
  • » Each series is associated to specific category so that user can easily find particular series based on his requirement
  • » Series are having an option to set the start date and end date to visible for end user
  • » Easy to add and edit content
K Exam
Payments Module
  • » Online and Offline payments
  • » Admin can Approve or Reject the offline payment by viewing the details
  • » Enable or disable Offline payments from Settings module
  • » Support for PayU and Paypal payment gateways
  • » Enable or disable any payment gateway on requirement
  • » Detailed graphical reports for online and offline payments
  • » Generate excel report with all combinations available in payments module
Coupon codes
  • » Enable or disable from settings
  • » Option to enable coupon codes for specific categories
  • » Maximum limit of using single coupon code per user
  • » Minimum bill amount to use the coupon
  • » Start and end dates to use the coupon code
  • » Discount can be given in percentage or value
Parents Module
  • » Can be enabled or disabled from Settings
  • » Parent can add his children
  • » Option to view the children detailed reports
  • » Option to buy exam on behalf of his child
Notifications Module
  • » Notifications can be created by admin and those will be displayed to user
  • » Notifications have the date range to display between specific dates
  • » Can give short and long descriptions to it
  • » Having an option to give external resource link
Feedbacks Module
  • » User can give feedback to the admin
  • » Admin can view the feedback